Thursday, March 26, 2015


Almost exactly a year ago I placed a Ted Cruz 2016 sticker on my car. This past Monday he officially announced his bid for president. That same day I donated to his campaign. I've been following him for quite some time, and he is EXACTLY the leader we need in this country at this crucial point in time – especially after the absolute economic and foreign policy mess (as well as the corruption and unconstitutional maneuvering) of this current administration, as well as the failures of certain aspects of the previous three administrations.
To those that express the opinion that he doesn't have executive experience, or that he's only a short-term senator… it has nothing to do with the position previously held. That is not a perfect measure of the abilities of the individual.

Reagan was a Governor, and was great as President.
Carter was also a Governor, and yet was horrible as President.
Washington was a General, and was great as President.
Grant was also a General, and yet was horrible as President.
Jefferson was VP, and was great as President.
Nixon was also a VP, and yet was horrible as President.
JFK was a Senator, and was great as President.
Obama was also a Senator, and yet is horrible as President.
Lincoln was a House Rep, and was a great President.
Garfield as also a House Rep, and yet… was not so great as President.
It all depends on the character, the leadership, the vision, the intelligence, the competence, and the abilities of the individual to hold the office.
Ted Cruz measures up to ALL of those criteria, IMHO.

UPDATE: And then there's this:
"Ted Cruz's entire decision of whether to jump-start his presidential candidacy at the end of a fundraising quarter hinged on the ability to raise $1 million in the first week. The Texas senator ended up hitting that milestone in just over a day...
Two-thirds of Cruz's initial contributions were under $100. Checks of less than $250 amounted to 95 percent of Cruz's rush to his first million. Texas, unsurprisingly, was his top donor state, followed by California*, Florida and Virginia."

UPDATE #2: More info. $2 million in the first 3 days (67% under $100, 96% under $250).

UPDATE #3: With only eight days of fundraising in the first quarter of 2014, Cruz's 8-Day tally was a whopping $4 million, 95% of which were donations $100 OR LESS(!!!). And with donations from ALL 50 STATES!

*BOLD emphasis, mine.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nuts & Bolts...

The comedian Gallagher summed it up best in six little words:

Women are nuts
Men are bolts

I've always had a more R-rated take on that, with the preface that ALL women (to varying degrees) are effin’ insane, and ALL men (to varying degrees) are effin’ jerks.
Yourself/myself included.
Even our saintly mothers and fathers (if you reflect on those isolated moments in memory) are not excluded from this fundamental law of life.
And the goal is (a) for yourself to work on being less of a jerk/insane, and (b) to determine what level of insanity/jerkiness you are willing to tolerate in your partner and in others.
The sooner you realize and accept this fact, the easier life will be for you, your partner, and those around you.
You will notice, though, that the two parts Gallagher mentions (Nuts & Bolts) do fit together perfectly. You just have to fit the proper Nut to the correct Bolt.

This has been a much needed public service announcement.

You're welcome.

*I came to this conclusion about a year and a half ago. I was almost certain of it (high 90s%) prior to that point in time. And then a situation occurred when I finally realized that it is in fact 100% true and accurate, and that one cannot escape from it. LOL

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Counter Proposal with a 2-State Solution for California...

So this 6-state breakup solution for California may end up being on the November ballot out here in Granola-land. Not that anything can really come of it, but still… really?

As a resident of Ventura County (just north of L.A. County) I say, "'Hell No!' to being a part of the State of L.A. (aka, West California)."

I decided to run some numbers.

In looking at the 2012 presidential election by CA counties, if you took nine specific California counties (eight in the San Francisco-Sacramento area, plus Los Angeles, and made it it's own state) all the while still keeping the business-centric yet liberal wine counties of Napa & Sonoma, and Silicon Valley's Santa Clara county region in the larger California state, that would mean that this new (the larger) state of California-proper would have voted for Obama by only 52.2%-47.8%. And that's with a weak Republican candidate and virtually no campaigning, money or emphasis in California by Republican candidates in many, many years.

That's a new and better Two-State solution. One remains the liberal-progressive bastion of L.A./S.F/Sacramento region. The other adds a California proper that ends up being politically balanced.

So, I reiterate my plan.

Create a new state with the eight S.F./Sacramento area counties of San Francisco, Marin, Contra Costa, and Sacramento, the non-Silicon-Valley portions of Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties, and maybe (northern) Monterey, and toss in Los Angeles County, and call it "Marxifornia".

The remains of the original state will continue to be considered "California".

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Post# 1000: The Thought Police...

It has been a long time since I've posted here. I still follow and bookmark lots of important news and information, though. But, given the latest in a string of related events, I felt it necessary to use this - my 1000th post - to give a hat-tip to Chris Muir, who himself hat-tips one of my all-time favorite authors… Ray Bradbury.

Yes, people, we are on very dangerous ground right now. On a global/government-led scale, it showed itself with the NSA and IRS scandals. On a societal/mob-mentality level, it showed itself with Chick-fil-A, Elaine Huguenin, Brendan Eich, George Zimmerman, Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling, etc. (and all the hypocritical double-standards that are in stark contrast).

You play with fire, we all get burned.

It's Orwell's "1984" mixed with Huxley's "Brave New World" and Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451". Ladies & Gentlemen… I give you "2014: The Year of the Thought Police":


Private Property…

Self Defense…

Freedom of Religion…

Freedom of Thought…

Freedom of Speech…

These fundamental principles - these fundamental rights - are at risk. If we don't stop this now, we won't be able to turn back.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

As 2013 Ends and 2014 Begins...

Don't let phony headlines and indices fool you. Major cracks are forming in the infrastructure: economic, financial, political, institutional, societal, spiritual. As 2014 moves forward, the foundations will begin to crumble from it's own weight and instability.

I may have been relatively silent this past year here on this blog, but I have been aggregating important news items throughout the year. I haven't gone away. I've been running this blog since July 6, 2004. And my next post will be my 1000th. :-)

2014 begins in a few hours. It's a new chapter in our lives - as individuals and as a society.

It is a time to keep the faith. To be strong. To love. To lend a hand. To take a stand. To work hard. To be watchful. To stand guard and to protect. To fight. To never give up on hope.