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If there is ANYTHING that so perfectly demonstrates how friggin' clueless, arrogant and narcissistic our so-called Commander-in-Chief is, THIS is it!  More info here and here.

What an effing a**hole!!!

They didn't even bother to info the mayor of NYC, nor the citizens of NYC and NJ, ahead of time.  Too bad they did choose to inform the pilot of that trailing F-16.

UPDATE #1:  Yah know... maybe this will also seal the deal on Prez Obamessiah's narcissism and cluelessness.  And this, too.

UPDATE #2:  Even more info from Michelle Malkin and HotAir.

Also... priceless!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tortured Politics...

There are a LOT of links to this one, and they ALL are important to read and listen to.  Let's start from the beginning...

Redstate posted this ignored fact:

President Obama visited the CIA yesterday and gave a pep talk to the employeesdemoralized by Obama’s  decision to release formerly classified legal memoranda detailing the legal limits of interrogation techniques.

Obama’s pep talk was too little too late.

Obama was given a bipartisan warning not to release these documents. Four former heads of the CIA, two Appointed by President Clinton and two appointed by President Bush, all said that Obama’s release would risk national security. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden says even Leon Panetta, Obama’s head of the CIA, agreed with the bipartisan group.

Hot Air then posted this info from the CIA:

The Central Intelligence Agency told today that it stands by the assertion made in a May 30, 2005 Justice Department memo that the use of “enhanced techniques” of interrogation on al Qaeda leader Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) — including the use of waterboarding — caused KSM to reveal information that allowed the U.S. government to thwart a planned attack on Los Angeles.
In fact, per Gateway Pundit, these techniques were highly successful (CIA documents are shown).  Former VP Dick Cheney wants key documents released as well, which will put the whole issue in proper perspective.  Republicans want an investigation to determine the obvious damage done to the U.S. national security because of Obama's release of this information.

That doesn't stop Obama from contemplating prosecuting Bush & Cheney for decisions made.  This whole mess of Obama's own doing has (according to Moe Lane of RedState) put him between a rock and a hard place.

You see... it seems that Congress knew of the interrogation techniques.  That includes Democrats.  At first, Nancy Pelosi denied knowing anything.  Then she admitted it (kinda).  Rep. Hoekstra slams her on her lame waffling excuse.  So, you should ask, will Obama prosecute Nancy and the Democrats, too? Hmm...

Fred Thompson chimes in on the whole ordeal.  Americans already have chimed in, and they're not happy about "The One's" decision to release these memos.  Per Rasmussen, over 58% of people are pissed about it and say that this will endanger national security.

But don't worry about it.  Obama is going to cut national defense, while also boosting his "Youth Brigade".  With ACORN funding, no less.  In fact, "The Obamessiah" is having so much fun palling around with communist dictators like Chavez, Ortega and Castro, yet won't meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.  He'll even bow reverently to the muslim King of Saudi Arabia, but gives an iPod filled with his own (B.O.???) speeches to the Queen of England, and wrongly-regioned DVDs to the U.K. prime minister.

Rasmussen has been doing daily tracking polls, and by April 22 our fearless leader's job approval rating has gone down to only 54% from a high 65% at the beginning of his presidency.  His job approval index is down to just 2% (this measures those who strongly approval = 34% against those who strongly disapprove = 32%).  In fact, his A.I. numbers have been fluctuating between 2-5% and his overall approval number has been hovering at 54-55% for a couple weeks now.  And the trend is not in his favor.

The honeymoon is over, and buyer's remorse is sinking in.  How do I know this?  Because in the same set of polls, it seems that 70% of Americans say that Hudge & Gudge (Big Business and Big Government) are on the same team.  G. K. Chesterton would be so proud!

Monday, April 20, 2009

We just make things easier for them, don't we...

Via Gateway Pundit:

"The Chinese cyber spies have penetrated so deep into the US system — ranging from its secure defence network, banking system, electricity grid to putting spy chips into its defence planes — that it can cause serious damage to the US any time, a top US official on counter-intelligence has said."

Read the full story here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party Crowd Estimates...

UPDATED (for running totals):

It looks like PJTV and Pajamas Media are trying to get accurate estimates of how many people attended all of the Tea Parties across the country last Wednesday. As of this moment, the number stands at over 935,000 people at over 900 locations throughout all 50 states plus D.C. And the count will continue to grow as more people, police and news organizations submit their data. A different city-by-city rundown is here, giving low-ball and high-ball estimates ranging 789,000-917,000.

Michelle Malkin has a great commentary.

And a transcript of the great radio interview with Hugh Hewitt and Mark Steyn is here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time for a Cup o' Tea!!!

Yes, it's not only tax day... it's National New American Tea Party Day!!!


Follow all of the details at both the New American Tea Party website and the Tax Day Tea Party website.

Michelle Malkin has a rundown on what led up to this day.

Gateway Pundit posted a video of Rick Santelli responding to this growing phenomenon that was pretty much sparked by his Feb 19 impromptu rant on CNBC.

Captain Ed chimes in. So does Glenn Reynolds.

Gateway Pundit has a post, as does Flopping Aces.

And Newsbusters has a post about an ABC News report which reveals that The Obamessiah was unaware of all of today's protests. How clueless can this empty suit charlatan be???

Howard Kurtz, meanwhile, has a lengthy piece on the mainstream media's own obliviousness.

Pajamas Media will also be covering the events on their main site as well as on their PJTV site.

I'm going to enjoy following the day's events.

I'm also going to make myself a nice, hot cup of tea.

Seems appropriate.

UPDATE: Now this sounds disturbing. The Department of Homeland Security isn't sure which is more dangerous and worthy of monitoring - Islamic Terrorists or domestic "right wing radicals". Uh-huh... right... whatever you say, DHS.

Bill Bennett comments on today's issues here.

Barack Obama in 50 words or less...

Given that it's tax day today, I want to express - in 50 words or less - what I have thought and felt about the current occupant of the White House since the first day he appeared on the national scene a year and a half ago:

He's a smug, snobby, arrogant and inexperienced empty-suit charlatan with a narcissistic messiah complex who sprung from and was steeped in the notoriously and perpetually corrupt Chicago Democrat Party political machine, and who brings a militant pro-abortion culture and a radical socialist agenda that will bankrupt and destroy America.


Meanwhile, don't forget to visit the New America Tea Party and the Tax Day Tea Party websites today, and follow all of the related news stories on today's events nationwide.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tomorrow is More Than Just Tax Day...

April 15th is perennially known as Tax Day, but tomorrow it will also be New American Tea Party Day. Thousands upon thousands of frustrated and fed-up citizens of all political stripes will gather in various locations in cities and towns all across the country to protest the absolutely irresponsible and arrogant spending on TARPs and bailouts and "stimulus" packages and overall government spending that are sinking this country and our future into unheard of and unrecoverable levels of debt. Andrea Tarantos reports:

As tax day approaches there is a crescendo growing across America in the form of organized protests, also known as tea parties, and the noise is on a path to becoming deafening. Thousands of rallies are planned across the country; one in every single congressional district and larger gatherings slated for cities like New York, Sacramento and Atlanta which hope to boast an upwards of 20,000 participants.
But it seems that the "O" administration is more worried about "right wing extremists" than Islamic radicals and terrorists.

Well, of course the "O" would think that, given that he bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia and then later had his team try to deny the fact.

In fact, the "O" is also "keeping score" on his political enemies, including those within his own party:

"Don't think we're not keeping score, brother." That's what President Barack Obama said to Rep. Peter DeFazio in a closed-door meeting of the House Democratic Caucus last week, according to the Associated Press.
He's also building his White House team with a bunch of Chicago millionaires.

The "O" also likes to manufacture events that make him look better. You know he hates cameras when he bows to royalty from a radical muslim country, but he just loves having that camera around when he's making a surprise visit to the troops in the Middle East. That is, except when we find out afterwards that the "cheering troops" were only an small number of "O" voters exclusively:

"... and that a staged event with Obama voters only and a bunch of cameras handed out as props is a real sign of soldiers’ devotion to the new, inexperienced, non-military-friendly Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces."

In light of all this, may I suggest you take a good long visit to the New America Tea Party and the Tax Day Tea Party websites for more information about tomorrow's line-up of nationwide protests.

Conflicker Update...

Well, when April 1 came and went it was thought that the Conflicker computer virus/worm was benign.  But then, just eight days later, it started to become active.

The Conficker worm is finally doing something--updating via peer-to-peer between infected computers and dropping a mystery payload on infected computers, Trend Micro said on Wednesday.

Researchers were analyzing the code of the software that is being dropped onto infected computers but suspect that it is a keystroke logger or some other program designed to steal sensitive data off the machine, said David Perry, global director of security education at Trend Micro.The software appeared to be a .sys component hiding behind a rootkit, which is software that is designed to hide the fact that a computer has been compromised, according to Trend Micro. The software is heavily encrypted, which makes code analysis difficult, the researchers said.

The software appeared to be a .sys component hiding behind a rootkit, which is software that is designed to hide the fact that a computer has been compromised, according to Trend Micro. The software is heavily encrypted, which makes code analysis difficult, the researchers said.

The worm also tries to connect to,,, and as a way to test that the computer has Internet connectivity, deletes all traces of itself in the host machine, and is set to shut down on May 3, according to the TrendLabs Malware Blog.

Meanwhile, look at what Russia & China have been doing to our national electrical grid:

Cyperspies from China, Russia and elsewhere have gained access to the U.S. electrical grid and installed malware tools that could be used to shut down service.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've become a "Grand-Uncle" for the 7th time this morning as my niece/Goddaughter, Dana, gave birth to a baby girl this glorious Easter Sunday. It's her first child. And my brother, Ray, has become a Granddad for the first time as well.  I could hear him beaming from ear-to-ear over the phone 3000 miles away.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD, OLIVIA!!!... All 7 pounds, 13 ounces of you!


Monday, April 06, 2009

A rough day for the Wildcats, Saturday...

UGH!  Shooting 5 for 27 from 3-point range ain't gonna cut it.  Just 10 for 27 would've won the game, but it just wasn't meant to be.  In the second half alone, Villanova shot just 7 of 24 from 2-point range (even with 8 offensive rebounds in the second half).  Again... UGH!  Even with North Carolina barely shooting 30% in the second half as well, the 'Cats just couldn't get their own shots to drop through the basket.  Heck of a run, though.

Next year, Villanova... next year!  Why do I say that?  Well, think about this... although the 'Cats lose Cunningham, Anderson and Clarke to graduation, they retain Reynolds, Redding, Pena, and the two Corey's (no, not Haim and Feldman).  Plus, they get four incoming top-level freshman, two of which are All-Americans.  Plus, they get red-shirt freshman Maurice Sutton, and Duke transfer Taylor King.


Chris Muir hits the nail right on the head...

Chris Muir, creator of the awesome on-line political comic strip "Day By Day", had a great Sunday strip.  Kinda says it all, doesn't it? (click on image to enlarge):

Friday, April 03, 2009

Hey! What about those poor Gitmo detainees?

Yeah!  You know... the ones our fearless leader wants released from Gitmo.  What about them?  They deserve welfare, too!  The Obomination administration seems to think so.


Friday Night Compendium: Part II

So that townhall that Obama recently held.  You know all those unbiased questioners in the audience?  Turns out they were ALL Obama campaign supporters.

Speaking of the campaign and the issues with ACORN.  Seems that the New York Times purposely spiked a major story exposing the issue.

Congress, meanwhile, votes for ACORN funding of the scary Obama Youth act.

TARP looks to be a LOT more expensive for us taxpayers than we were led to believe.

And if you're a bit pi**ed that AIG and other big corps are paying out big bonuses at taxpayers' expense, maybe you should also look at congress.  Seems they've done the same thing.

For All You Romney-bots...

Yes, for all you Mitt Romney-bots out there, lets take a little look at the results of his master plan for health care reform in Massachusetts, why don't we.

What do PETA & Al Gore have in common?

Hypocrisy, of course.  (Hat-tip to Flopping Aces).

Meanwhile, let's look at another hypocrite.  Senator Feinstein from my home state.  Solar power?  Sure?  Excellent!  What?  In the desert?  The ideal, huge, barren, people-less, oven-baked place in the state?  WHY ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

Friday Night Compendium

First off, we have Senator Chris Dodd, who seems to be in hot water now that facts (stubborn things) have begun to crop up about his AIG connections (wife included).

Then we have the disclosure that Gov. Sebelius (Obama's HHS nominee) is also a tax cheat (seems to be a nasty pattern with his nominees now, isn't it).

Then we have Obama's first federal judicial nominee who says "no" to prayers to Jesus, but "sure, why not" for prayers to Allah.  The Republicans appear to finally be showing some sort of backbone, and plan to filibuster the nominee.

But this is to be expected from "The One".  You see, after dissing UK Prime Minister Brown by giving him such a low-rent and thoughtless gift as a boxed set of DVDs (in the wrong format, to boot), he then has the class to gift an iPod to the Queen of England... with his own speeches on it.  AND... he and Mrs. Obama show disrespect by not doing a bow or curtsey before her.  but, WHO does Obama actually decide to bow to???  How about the King of Saudi Arabia!

But, don't worry.  He's not the only one in the administration who acts completely clueless and classless in other countries.  Hillary made a first-class a** of herself just the other day in Mexico.

In case you want to keep track, The Blue Boar has a link to a website that's keeping a track of all "The One's" missteps.  Not a shabby list for such a short time in office.

Tax Day Tea Parties Update...

A whole bunch of "Tea Parties" are being set up all across America in various cities. A grassroots movement that got sparked when financial reporter/analyst Rick Santelli went off on CNBC early last month. And the idea just quickly germinated on it's own from there. Gateway Pundit has the latest on the gatherings for April 15. Gateway also has a nice list of 10 Tax & Spend Facts for the events.

But some cities are taking issue (tsk-tsk, what a shame). One in Florida, and another in Texas. They have no idea that something like this cannot be stopped. The American people are too damned pissed.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cyber Attacks and The War on Terrorism...

As I mentioned yesterday, there is this "Conflicker" computer worm that has been snaking it's way through millions of computers around the world.  It's set to go off today, although it could be triggered to activate at any time.  Yahoo Tech News has more info here, with another follow-up here.

Yet another cyber threat (apparently based in China - surprise, surprise) is also out there.

Coincidentally, the Taliban issues a threat that an "amazing" attack will occur soon in the U.S. - particularly in Washington D.C.  Analysts say that this threat is very real.

Newt writes about how as few as one to three nukes detonated above the atmosphere could knock out the entire U.S. electrical power grid, and why this could easily occur.

But, don't worry.  The "War on Terror" is over now (says Sec. State Hillary Clinton).

The Obamessiah will protect us all, don't yah know.