Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Urgent prayers needed...

A request for urgent prayers for my Dad who is currently in emergency surgery... for my girlfriend who came down with a sudden illness... and for my friend Angelo's mom who's suffering through a progressive illness.

Several other extended family members are also in need of prayers for various illnesses, past surgeries, and unemployment.

When it rains it pours.

It's times like this when you rely on God to get you thru the tough times.

God bless!!!

UPDATE: My girlfriend is doing better, but it's slow going. Regarding my Dad, he came out of surgery ok. What was thought (at worst) to be a growth in the colon near the appendix, was instead found out to be "just" an inflamed appendix. He's in recovery, but given his age (84) and his medical/surgical history is not "out of the woods." The next 5 days or so will be the determining factor.

Thank you all for the continued prayers!

3/30 UPDATE: My girlfriend is now doing much better. And so is my Dad, who has begun to improve in his recovery from surgery last week after a setback. Thanks again for the prayers!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome Socialized Medicine, Double-Dip Recession, and Tax-Payer Funded Abortions...

(Hat-tip to Ace of Spades & Gateway Pundit)

Stupak took his 30 pieces of silver.

I consider this to be an accurate description of the man.

Eric at The Daily Eudemon has a good commentary.

This whole weekend of politics has made me ill.

UPDATE II: More on Stupid Stupak here, and about his ilk here. And it's all about "controlling the people," says a Congressional Democrat.

March Madness Run Amok...

Six of eight Big East teams go down in the first weekend, including my beloved Villanova Wildcats. I'm shocked but not surprised at the 'Cats given their major stumbling at the end of the season. Kansas goes down. Cornell is in the Sweet 16 along with U No Iowa and St. Mary's, Baylor and Butler. They don't call it "madness" for nothin'.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Spending Limit Amendment?...

(Hat-tip to RedState)

Three congressmen (including Mike Pence) offer up a "Spending Limit Amendment" to the Constitution.

Wall Street op-ed here.

I like.