Thursday, October 25, 2007

35 Inconvenient Truths...


For those of you who continue to genuflect to the "god of global warming hysteria" (especially now that he's been bestowed with the Nobel Peace Prize), I give you...

35 Inconvenient Truths: The errors in Al Gore’s movie

"... in October 2007 the High Court in London had identified nine “errors” in his movie An Inconvenient Truth. The judge had stated that, if the UK Government had not agreed to send to every secondary school in England a corrected guidance note making clear the mainstream scientific position on these nine “errors”, he would have made a finding that the Government’s distribution of the film and the first draft of the guidance note earlier in 2007 to all English secondary schools had been an unlawful contravention of an Act of Parliament prohibiting the political indoctrination of children."

The lengthy article continues to spell out in detail not just 9 errors, but 35 errors and exaggerations:

"We now itemize 35 of the scientific errors and exaggerations in Al Gore’s movie. The first nine were listed by the judge in the High Court in London in October 2007 as being “errors.” The remaining 26 errors are just as inaccurate or exaggerated as the nine spelt out by the judge, who made it plain during the proceedings that the Court had not had time to consider more than these few errors. The judge found these errors serious enough to require the UK Government to pay substantial costs to the plaintiff."

Click here to read the 35 detailed points of refutation.

(Hat-tip to PoliPundit)

P.S. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee, remember, has previously awarded the "Peace" prize to the likes of:

Kofi Annan (the thoroughly corrupt former head of the United Nations - remember the multi-billion dollar the Oil-for-Food scandal?),

Yasser Arafat (the now-deceased Palestinian terrorist thug),

Shirin Ebadi (for her "successful" championing of democracy and human rights in Iran???),

Rigoberta Menchú (the Guatemalan who falsified significant details about her family's past - that "history" was the basis for the Nobel committee's decision to award her the prize),

Mohamed ElBaradei and the U.N.'s IAEA (for doing such a bang-up job of preventing nuclear proliferation attempts in the Middle East in such peaceful countries as Iraq, Iran, Syria),

Wangari Maathai (who, after being awarded the Peace Prize, went on to claim that HIV/AIDS was deliberately created by Western scientists to decimate the African population),

Jimmy Carter (the absolutely worst president and ex-president of the U.S., who never met a communist leader or tin-horn dictator he didn't like).

And now Al Gore *sigh*

And that's just in the past 15 years.

Yet, the committee always seems to avoid giving the prize to the likes of Reagan, Thatcher, Pope John Paul II (yet they managed to give it to Gorbachev???).

UPDATE: I forgot to add this additional link from which challenges the so-called consensus on global warming. It's a must-read.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lame attempts at being artistic #4...

A particularly windy day on the coast.

Taken while at an outdoor concert.

Partially buried in the sand by the water's edge, among the cobblestones.


P.S. Click on each pic to enlarge.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Like a slab of bacon...

... I'm a bit smoky.

Thanx to the slew of brushfires currently aflame across parts of southern California since this past weekend. The Santa Ana winds have kicked up (as they usually do this time of year). With the dry weather we've had all year it was inevitable that these fires would easily spark up.

I woke up yesterday morning with winds howling like crazy, though the air was fairly cool. That didn't last long. By 11:00 AM you could begin to smell the hint of scorched timber. By 2:00 PM the once-clear sky turned a pungent grey and the sun was a glowing orange disc. By 3:00 PM the sun waxed a deep red before quickly waning to nothingness as the sky had transformed into an eerie shade of smokey pumpkin; flecks of ash flittering to the ground like a surreal snow flurry from hell. The air was caustic for several hours while the winds tried to decide which way to shift. Finally, the sky began to clear up a bit as it came close to sunset.

Today and tomorrow brings more winds (with gusts in certain areas as high as 90 MPH) and dry weather, before if finally starts to let up by the end of the week. Luckily, I don't live near the areas being affected. And I'm not at any serious risk (although two limbs from a tall eucalyptus tree right by my apartment came crashing down yesterday due to the winds).

I ask for urgent and fervent prayers for all of those who are directly affected by these fires.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Update on Kasparov in Russia...

The former world chess champion Garry Kasparov entered Russia's presidential race on Sunday, elected overwhelmingly as the candidate for the country's beleaguered opposition coalition.

Kasparov has been a driving force behind the coalition, which has united liberals, leftists and nationalists in opposition to President Vladimir Putin. He received 379 of 498 votes at a national congress held in Moscow by the Other Russia coalition, coalition spokeswoman Lyudmila Mamina told The Associated Press.

Kasparov's place on the March ballot was not assured. His candidacy still needs to be registered and is likely to be blocked.

Remember, when the media uses phrases like "liberals, leftists and nationalists" in reference to opposition to the leadership in the former Communist superpower it's not the same as using those phrases in describing Western "leftist" ideology.

More of the story here.