Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Was I Right, or Was I Right?...

ATF Fast & Furious Mexico Gun Running Scandal
DOJ AP Wiretapping Scandal
DOJ Fox News' James Rosen Scandal
CBS News Sharyl Attkisson Computer Hacking Scandal
Military Drone Strike Scandal
Solyndra/Green Tech Scandals
Benghazi Scandal
Pigford Scandal
EPA Scandal
HHS Scandal
IRS Scandal
NSA Surveillance Scandal
ObamaCare Disaster
Economy & Jobs Failures
More U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan in last four years than in Bush's eight years.
Five separate islamic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since he took office, including the Boston Bombing and Fort Hood.

And now, about to arm Syrian rebels who are connected to Al Qaeda


What I wrote about the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue four years ago:

Obama in 50 words or less
He's a smug, snobby, arrogant and inexperienced empty-suit charlatan with a narcissistic messiah complex who sprung from and was steeped in the notoriously and perpetually corrupt Chicago Democrat Party political machine, and who brings a militant pro-abortion culture and a radical socialist agenda that will bankrupt and destroy America.  Period.

Basically, he's the redux of Jimmy Carter's failed economic and foreign policies combined with the corruption of Richard Nixon. The worst of both… in the 21st century.

I told you so.