Friday, April 29, 2016

Who Are The Trumpettes?

The core of Trump's base of supporters (a small %, they are), and who have remained in his camp even after all these months of exposure to the real DT - not his false persona, can be some up as follows:
After 15 years of witnessing a porous border, of witnessing the rise of radical islamic terrorism, of witnessing the destruction of the economy and of the loss of jobs and income association with that, and seeing the likes of both sides of the political establishment being responsible for either allowing these things to happen, causing these things to happen and/or perpetuating these things to happen... what you get is an angry set of citizens who are looking for scapegoats. Three in particular: DEEZ, DEMZ and DOZE. "Deez Mexicans, Dem Muslims, Doze Establishment Politicians".
Then someone comes along who has a lot of built up name recognition, who is not a politician, who comes across as a successful businessman, who happens to stumble upon saying the right things about DEEZ, DEMZ and DOZE.
He may be (as I said way back in August of last year) nothing but a self-promoting carnival barker. A snake oil salesman and con artist with a long history of bad business practices, insider deal trading, and leftist policy positions, beliefs and support. (I have well over 500 links available from over the last 6 months that go into the details of these facts - not opinions, FACTS.)
But that doesn't matter. Why? Because DEEZ, DEMZ and DOZE.
It's only slightly more than one third of the GOP primary electorate who are voting for him. Factor in many who are just going along with the leading dark horse candidate, but are not true believers in him or who just want to stop Hillary. Factor in the open primaries that allow Democrats and Independents to vote, most (not all, but most) doing so to muck up the system by doing their own "Operation Chaos" (because they're happy with either Hillary or Bernie, doesn't matter to them, let's just help to get the weakest and worst opponent to run against the D candidate so that they'll win in November).
And what you really have is maybe 10% of the overall electorate (if that) who are angry, low information voters who are projecting their anger, frustrations (valid as they might be) as well as projecting their idealized image of a "leader" onto Trump without realizing it (and not really caring about it). Because if they actually listen to reason they get MORE angry and lash out. Why? Because they vested so much in him that they can't handle the fact that he could actually be such a weak and pathetic and dangerous and phony straw-man and empty suit.
Because then the mirror has to turn back onto themselves.
And they can't handle that, neither emotionally nor psychologically.
The MSM? All they care about are two things: (A) Ratings (aka, Money) and (B) getting Hillary elected president. They are just along for the ride to help accomplish (A) and (B).
And where do low information voters, who don't follow political news and issues on a regular basis (and who couldn't be bothered to do so) and who have been educated in an indoctrinating public education system, get their information from?