Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nuts & Bolts...

The comedian Gallagher summed it up best in six little words:

Women are nuts
Men are bolts

I've always had a more R-rated take on that, with the preface that ALL women (to varying degrees) are effin’ insane, and ALL men (to varying degrees) are effin’ jerks.
Yourself/myself included.
Even our saintly mothers and fathers (if you reflect on those isolated moments in memory) are not excluded from this fundamental law of life.
And the goal is (a) for yourself to work on being less of a jerk/insane, and (b) to determine what level of insanity/jerkiness you are willing to tolerate in your partner and in others.
The sooner you realize and accept this fact, the easier life will be for you, your partner, and those around you.
You will notice, though, that the two parts Gallagher mentions (Nuts & Bolts) do fit together perfectly. You just have to fit the proper Nut to the correct Bolt.

This has been a much needed public service announcement.

You're welcome.

*I came to this conclusion about a year and a half ago. I was almost certain of it (high 90s%) prior to that point in time. And then a situation occurred when I finally realized that it is in fact 100% true and accurate, and that one cannot escape from it. LOL