Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mahony Balony to Change Soon, Too???

From EWTN:

Pope Benedict XVI will soon appoint a coadjutor archbishop of Los Angeles, according to an American Catholic blogger. Writing on the Catholic Vote Action blog, and citing “reliable authority,” Thomas Peters says that Cardinal Roger Mahony has approved the coadjutor, and an announcement is imminent. The coadjutor would succeed Cardinal Mahony when he retires.

Cardinal Mahony has enjoyed a remarkably long tenure as Archbishop of Los Angeles, having taken that post in 1985. However he is still well short of the normative retirement age-- he will not turn 75 until February 2011—and although bishops are obliged to submit their resignations at that age, the Pope frequently delays the appointment of a successor.

However, Cardinal Mahony, who has faced controversy frequently in the nation’s most populous archdiocese—particularly over his handling of sex-abuse complaints—has indicated that he neither expects nor wants to extend his tenure.

More from AmPap at his new blog location @ CVA here and here:

May we get Archbishop Bruskewitz from Lincoln, NE???

Let us pray!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buyer's Remorse Redux... I told you so 14 months ago

On Nov 11, 2008, I wrote this:

I placed a comment on a RWN post asking when people will start realizing they might have made a mistake in electing The Obamessiah:

Buyers Remorse will begin to kick in after about 6 months, with it hitting full effect one year into his administration. Just like the Clintons, he's going to try to ram a bunch of socialist policies down our throats early, and people will balk (just like they did in 1994).

Yesterday, we have this headline... from Frank Luntz, no less:

A Case of Buyer's Remorse

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When one of the most liberal of states in the country... with a 9-1 ratio of Ds to Rs in federal and state elective offices... loses the most liberal and political-family/dynasty-entrenched U.S. Senate seat... to a Conservative... by 5 points... because they already went down the very similar road of so-called "health care reform" at the state level and realized what an utter disaster it has been (financial-wise and care-wise)... and are also sick and tired of massive government taxing, spending, waste, regulations, and corruption... THAT gives me real hope for real change.

It almost happened in NY-23 last November. It just happened last night in Massachusetts.

Hopefully, more of the same will occur in November of 2010.

Makes me smile. :-)

Friday, January 01, 2010



(sweet & simple)