Monday, October 04, 2004

The Latest Democrat Politicians to Endorse Bush

Youngstown, OH, Mayor George M. McKelvey (D) backs President Bush.

Massachusetts State Representative Brian Paul Golden (D) endorses President Bush.

Santa Fe, NM, City Councilman David Pfeffer (D) backs President Bush.

St. Paul, MN, Mayor Randy Kelly (D) endorses President Bush.

And we already know about Georgia Senator Zell Miller (D) and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch (D).

Meanwhile, Kerry's hometown newspaper (Lowell Sun) endorses Bush in it's editorial. Remember, Bush's hometown paper (Lone Star Iconoclast) endorsed Kerry. The difference? The paper in Crawford, TX, has a circulation of 450 - and it's owned and run by a partisan (and failed) Democrat politician. The paper in Lowell, MA, has a circulation of over 50,000.

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