Monday, February 12, 2007

I think I just got kicked in the pants...

Thanx, Julie D, for the wake-up call.

I don't have anything brand new to post just yet (including info from my time at the NAMM trade show last month). Until then, here's a little something I stumbled across a couple weeks ago (I can't remember from where... mayby Curt Jester.... maybe Ironic Catholic). Anyway, it made me chuckle.

The Seven Deadly Sins (in geometry form):

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P.S. Oh, I do need to comment that the politics (and the musical cluelessness) is getting worse and worse at the Grammys. I lost all respect for the Academy when, back in the mid-80s, they gave the "Song of the Year" award (for best written song) to Bobby McFerrin for "Don't Worry, Be Happy." (a travesty to troubadours and tunesmiths everywhere) The Grammys have gone downhill fast since then. It was soon followed by Jethro Tull winning the first-ever "Best Heavy Metal Group" award. (???) Followed by Jewel winning for "Best New Artist" when her first CD was released over three years prior to her nomination. (!!!) Followed by Hillary Clinton winning for "Best Spoken Word Album." (#*&*@!) Followed by this year's winner in the same category, Jimmy Carter. (ugh!) Now the Dixie Chicks (I'm fighting the serious urge to substitute "Chicks" for the 4-letter s-word) win five awards. Lame... pathetic... and disheartening.

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