Monday, June 18, 2007

10 Points for the Republican Party...

In the middle of the whole immigration bill fiasco I received an e-mail from the Republican Party requesting that I fill out a questionnaire and add any additional comments. Below are the comments I added to their questionnaire. As the old saying goes: "Ask and ye shall receive."

10 Points for the Republican Party

1) Border security (fence built in full with installation of new surveillance & detection technology at the border, dramatically increased number of border agents & national guardsmen patrolling ALL borders - north, south, Gulf, Atlantic and Pacific coasts),

2) No amnesty under any disguise or play on words. Illegals who are felons should be deported with the assurance that their country of origin will incarcerate them for the full term of their sentence. If not, then we keep them in prison here, but will bill their host countries for the expense. Illegals who don't want to become U.S. citizens, get deported. Those who DO want to become citizens, go back to their home country and "wait in line" just like everybody else.

3) Immediate and aggressive prosecution of businesses that hire illegal immigrants (the Republicans MUST do this in order to prove that they are not in the back pockets of big business!),

4) Drop the "jobs Americans won't do" meme. It's a load of B.S. Illegals are taking jobs away from legal immigrants, and suppressing wages in the process,

5) No new visa types, such as Y- or Z-visas (not necessary). Instead, streamline the current bureaucratic mess that is the current state of legal immigration, and make it more efficient. This includes better and more efficient background checks of both legal and illegal immigrants and visitors when the enter the country, or when (illegals) are caught. This also means ending the so-called "sanctuary" policies of certain cities (such as in Los Angeles) which prevents local police from doing their jobs when they come across/capture and illegal.

6) Make English the official language of the U.S.

7) Energy dependence! This means drilling in ANWAR, as well the Pacific and Gulf coasts, in-place extraction of shale oil in the Montana/Wyoming/Utah areas, further R&D on fusion and fuel cell technologies, building new oil refineries and expanding existing one. Drastically reduce dependence on oil imports from all Middle Eastern countries in the process,

8) Full and unequivocal support for the GWOT (this includes Iran, Syria, as well as Iraq and other countries). Clear, detailed plans for dealing with all "hot spots" around the world,

9) Remain firm, committed and unequivocal on Pro-Life and Pro-Family issues: No to abortion, No to homosexual marriages, No to embryonic stem cell research,

10) CUT THE FRIGGIN' SPENDING!!! Meaning that total spending for the next fiscal year will be LESS than the previous year... by a significant amount. Also, STOP THE PORK/EARMARKS (both Republican as well as Democratic). And continue to REDUCE TAXES, ESPECIALLY FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS.


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