Monday, May 12, 2008

EC:WC FCA - Three DVD Recommendations...

I’ve got three film recommendations for you that are out on DVD. All three are powerful films, with the first two having subtle/distant connections to 9/11.

“The Kite Runner” is based on the best selling book of the same title, set pre-9/11 (mostly in Afghanistan). It follows the long friendship and struggles of two childhood friends. It’s a foreign language film with English subtitles. It’s dark and powerful, yet finds its way towards hope and redemption.

Next is “Reign Over Me” starring Adam Sandler (yes, that Adam Sandler) and Don Cheadle. This is NOT your typical Sandler flick. It’s a drama with many moments of subtle and poignant humor. The premise is of two old classmates meeting for the first time in many years; Cheadle is a successful orthodontist, while Sandler has been “lost” after the national tragedy of 9/11 has crumbled his world.

The last film is “Bella” - a small, independent flick about a famous soccer player who retreats from his career and the world after being affected by a tragic incident. While working at his brother’s restaurant he observes one of the waitresses as she loses her job after arriving late one-too-many times. He suddenly feels the need to lend a helping hand, and the film explores their burgeoning relationship.

Enjoy all three! They're all better than most of the crap that's shoveled at you on both the big and small screen.

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