Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Election Aftermath: Part 1

The editors of NRO write about hope among the ruins. CNN looks at the raw numbers (though still too early to get the full layout - that'll come in the next few weeks, and will be analyzed by both parties in microscopic detail). Captain Ed comments on the results with earlier numbers.

American Thinker ponders on what caused McCain to lose:
- 3 debates, 4.5 hours on national TV face-to-face with Obama, McCain never mentioned Obama's "bitter clingers" comment

- 3 debates, 4.5 hours on national TV face-to-face with Obama, never mentioned Jeremiah Wright's incendiary sermons.

- 3 debates, 4.5 hours on national TV face-to-face with Obama, never mentioned Obama's breaking his word to use public campaign financing (a McCain signature issue on which he had relentlessly beat up fellow Republicans!)

- 3 debates, 4.5 hours on national TV face-to-face with Obama, never mentioned Obama's plan to "bankrupt" the US coal industry. (and where was McCain's research staff on that San Francisco interview, which had been posted on the internet for 9 months before they noticed it?! Simply inexcusable.)

- 3 debates, 4.5 hours on national TV face-to-face with Obama, never mentioned Obama's "price of arugula" comment, a nice populist dig waiting to be made.

- 3 debates, 4.5 hours on national TV face-to-face with Obama, never cited the Clinton campaign's many tough arguments against Obama -- he could have just quoted Hillary!

That was McCain's (and our) downfall: You can't bring moderation to an ideology fight.

Rick Moran also analyzes Rove's thoughtful analysis. Mark Steyn takes Noonan and Friends to task. PoliPundit points to the great Senator DeMint who doesn't mince words.

Paragraph Farmer has a compendium of quotes from several commentators on the state of all things GOP & Conservatism. John Hawkins of RWN has a list of 9 post-election thoughts, plus another post on 7 reasons why being middle of the road turns you into roadkill (this one is a must-read). WSJ's Online Journal has former congressman Dick Armey looking back at the problems with "compassionate" conservatism (that word is in quotes for a reason). And Rasmussen analyzes the numbers to prove that Reaganism is not dead - not in the least.

Then, three brief posts on Palin.

Finally, I placed a comment on a RWN post asking when people will start realizing they might have made a mistake in electing The Obamessiah:

Buyers Remorse will begin to kick in after about 6 months, with it hitting full effect one year into his administration. Just like the Clintons, he's going to try to ram a bunch of socialist policies down our throats early, and people will balk (just like they did in 1994).

* Islamic terrorists are going to get bold because he's considered an apostate to Islam who is the head of the "Great Satan"

* There will be another terrorist attack either in the U.S. (and it'll be revealed that the terrorists came across the unsecured Mexican border) or at a U.S. Embassy or military base in the Middle East or Europe

* Iran will attack Israel

* Hamas & Hezbollah will attack Israel

* Syria will attack Lebanon

* Russia will invade Ukraine

* Chavez will attack Columbia

* OPEC will desperately try to stave off the drop in oil prices (which, for the rest of the world, needs to get under $40/barrel to get back to normal pre-2004 levels + true inflation) by drastically cutting supply

* Oil/gas prices will go back up, triggering inflation

* Taxes for small businesses as well as big businesses, and middle class families will increase

* Government spending will increase dramatically with more programs and pork barrel spending, causing massive deficits and national debt

* More banks will foreclose, and those with money will shelter it as best they can, thus limiting cash flow and liquidity throughout the market place

* Government regulations will strangle business growth even more, causing businesses to shut down or downsize even more

* Unemployment will go to double-digits

* The Fed will have no choice but to raise interest rates because they can't go much lower and they'll want to avoid the Japan economic mess of the 80s

* Inflation turns into Stagflation

* People will finally begin to see the arrogance, incompetence, and radicalism of the sitting President

* 2010 mid-term election will become 1994-redux to stave off as much damage as possible

* 2012 will be 1980-redux.

Getting the picture?

It ain't that hard to figure out, people.

Just look back to 1977-80.

This is gonna be Jimmy Carter 2.0, trust me.

Not even mentioning the enactment of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) and the rest of the radical leftist social agenda in areas of abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR), gay marriage, the Fairness Doctrine, etc.

I hope, for the sake of all, that I'm completely wrong. I doubt that will be the case, though.

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