Friday, May 01, 2009

H.R. 1913 Hate Crimes Bill & the Election Aftermath...

The House of Representatives passed HR-1913, a so-called "hate crimes" legislation that will now be used to muzzle Christian pastors and preachers.  More info here, here and here.  Human Events warned about it here.

A former judge and congressman asked the members of the committee if the bill would make it illegal for pastors and preachers to publicly teach from the Bible that homosexuality is a sin.  He was told "yes".  So he offered up an amendment to the bill to protect their free speech from the ominous effects of the bill.  The amendment was then voted down in committee!  It went to the floor of the House, and passed 249-175.  With Arlen Spector now a (D), the Democrats have a filabuster-proof 60-vote majority in the Senate.  Then off it'll go to The Obamessiah's desk for his signature.

There yah go, people.  The fourth of five first steps towards cultural corruption by this administration.

First you had "The One" reverses the ban on tax-payer funding of abortion overseas.

Then he re-opens tax-payer funding for embryonic stem cell research (even though ESCR has already  been done without federal input, has failed miserably in it's results, and dozens of breakthroughs already have occurred with adult stem cell research instead).

Next the Department of Homeland Security (under Janet Napolitano) issues a report that targets so-called "right-wingers" and veterans as being more dangerous to the country than islamic terrorists.

Fourth is now this bill to further attack Judeo-Christian values (now it makes sense that he had Georgetown University cover the Name of Jesus over the archway behind him during a speech he gave there a few weeks ago) by limiting our free speech rights.

What's the fifth one?  It'll be coming this summer.  Read the next post for more info.  It's really Supreme!!!

OH!  And don't forget those Youth Brigades, now.

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