Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When one of the most liberal of states in the country... with a 9-1 ratio of Ds to Rs in federal and state elective offices... loses the most liberal and political-family/dynasty-entrenched U.S. Senate seat... to a Conservative... by 5 points... because they already went down the very similar road of so-called "health care reform" at the state level and realized what an utter disaster it has been (financial-wise and care-wise)... and are also sick and tired of massive government taxing, spending, waste, regulations, and corruption... THAT gives me real hope for real change.

It almost happened in NY-23 last November. It just happened last night in Massachusetts.

Hopefully, more of the same will occur in November of 2010.

Makes me smile. :-)

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TheBitterAmerican said...

DC went from "Yes, we can!" to "Oh no he di'n't!"