Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reid & Pelosi sitting in a tree... and the branch is cracking...

I'm not much for polls, but Rasmussen does pretty standard day-to-day tracking of the TOTUS* and Congress. Gateway Pundit links to the latest re: Congress... now at their lowest approval ratings in history... 10%! YIKES!!!

"...Voter unhappiness with Congress has reached the highest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports as 71% now say the legislature is doing a poor job.

That’s up ten points from the previous high of 61% reached a month ago.

Only 10% of voters say Congress is doing a good or excellent job..."

TOTUS*, by the way, has recently reached his peak... errr.... depth of a -19% ratio of Strongly Approve vs. Strong Disapprove of his performance in office (23/42).

*TOTUS = TelePrompTer of the United States of America.

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