Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Update on my Dad: After coming home from the hospital last week, he started developing fluid in the lungs. Went back in the hospital Sunday night with congestive heart failure. With meds the fluids have been coming off okay, and he's been feeling okay - although weak.

Tests from yesterday and today reveal that some damage has been done to the heart, and that he suffered a heart attack at some point between now and 2008 when he last had tests done after a major surgery. Tomorrow he gets a cath done to check for details on damage and possible blockages, and to determine the next course of action.

This is all touch-and-go, now. Major heart surgery is off the table. Hopefully, just stents or meds to improve or control the situation.

Prayers, again, are requested.


UPDATE: As expected, no surgery or stents. An adjustment of meds to control things. He may come home from hospital as early as tomorrow. He's just go to take it easy from here on out.

Thanx again, peeps!

God Bless!


angelo said...

Prayers ? Count on them! Please continue them for my mom and dad too, as things there seem to be getting bad with mom's condition....Please keep us updated on your dad. Thanks!

Dim Bulb said...

Sorry to hear this. I'll make mention of him and your family in my prayers.