Monday, May 03, 2010

Bombs Away... (Weekend @ Times Square)

Over this past weekend we had to deal with THIS.

More info and analysis from Ace of Spades here, Gateway Pundit here, Flopping Aces here.

Car bomb alerts at east coast airports here.

John Bolton talks straight here.

But please remember now that The One's administration has recently implemented a policy where we can't use words like Islamic Extremism, Islamic Terrorists and Jihad when discussing things like this.

*sigh* This Idiot-in-Chief of ours is gonna get us killed.

5/5 UPDATE: He almost got away! What kinda guy was he? Hmmmm...

ANOTHER UPDATE: Malkin has the "path to citizenship" issue with this terrorist (and others)

MORE DETAILS UPDATE: Surprise, surprise, surprise...

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