Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Well-Oiled Machin-- umm, Administration!

Gateway Pundit did a live-blog of "The One's" speech last night (NOTE: He's been in office for a year and a half, and this is his FIRST address from the Oval Office).

Real Clear Politics has MSNBC video of their reaction to "The One's" unimpressive speech. Gateway and Hot Air also have links, and they all have take-away quotes and/or summaries. Olbermann, Matthews & Fineman are NOT happy. Krauthammer chimes in, too.

This does NOT bode well for "The One". Especially when Louisianans now think his response to the oil spill crisis is WORSE than Bush's with Hurricane Katrina. THAT'S bad... REAL bad.

UPDATE: And American Thinker sets the record straight about all the oil we are sitting on but are forbidden to extract.

6/17 UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has Rep. Joe Barton's apology for the administration's "shakedown" on BP.

And Flopping Aces has more detailed info on what oil is actually out there (both on land and just off shore) for the U.S. to drill for... IF the bans were removed.

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