Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Updates...

Via Ace, NYC panel cleared the way for the 15-story mosque at Ground Zero.

Via HotAir, a muslim columnist says "yes" it is a provocation to have it built there.

A Canadian muslim wonders aloud why it would be built there (funny, but Mayor Bloomberg and The One don't question it at all).

So, in the name of dialogue and tolerance, someone decided that a muslim gay bar should also be opened up right next door to the mosque. (Hah!)

Apparently, the mosque builders aren't too happy about that. (hehehe)

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit had this tidbit in June about the mosque's links to the Gaza flotilla.

Also, guess what?! WE also are paying for it with our tax dollars! Niiiiiiiice.

My take on the whole thing... when a Jewish synagogue and a Catholic cathedral are built, protected and respected in Mecca... THEN we can have a mosque built at Ground Zero. (I ain't holdin' my breath for that to happen, though.)

Meanwhile............ the Obomination Administration removes the Taliban from the list of terrorist organizations.

Hmmm... the November election's gonna be verrrrrrry interesting.

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