Friday, March 18, 2011



California's economic mess (it's been building since the early Gray Davis years).

The Michigan Democrats plot to put fake Tea Party candidates on ballots was a major FAIL.

Alan Grenstan admits that the stimulus plans did not help with the economic recovery, and actually hurt it.

Hedge Funds and Junk Bonds... again... OH MY!

In the first two years of The One's term in office, he did not meet with half a dozen of his own Cabinet members!!!

And, about those ObamaCare waivers that are now over 700 companies and 2.2 million employees (and growing).

Flopping Aces has commentary on The One's quote about it being so much easier to be a leader China.

Europe, in general, gets a clue and allows crucifixes in classrooms.

And, on a tangent... what about increasing brain power and memory ability?

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