Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Toss-ups...

The truth about light bulbs (CFLs vs. Incandescents).

So, you bought an electric car to (a) save money on gas, and (b) "save the environment". GUESS WHAT?!

Meanwhile, about those gas prices (currently no lower than $4.13/gallon in my area).

Are food and fuel prices the death knell for The One? Apparently, when fuel energy costs surpass 6% of consumer spending we head into a recession. IT'S DOUBLE-DIP TIME!

And, what about that shrinking workforce?

How's that job search in California going?

JP Morgan downgrades its the nation's prospect.

Plus the coming Treasury Bond crisis looming on the horizon.

Then, finally, there's the housing issue... which is THREE TIMES worse than you think, with a double-dip happening there as well.

Ain't it fun???

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