Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not Giving Up On Perry Yet...

Three more weeks worth of links regarding Rick Perry and the GOP Primary campaign.

Ace has a story on Perry's attack on Obama for not properly honoring the Iraqi War Vets.

Hot Air had a bunch of quotes regarding Perry (from last month).

Ace reposted a Perry round-up on the day of the Iowa caucus.

Perry ad shows a populist side to his campaign.

Another Perry ad that goes after Romney and Newt.

Perry strengthens his stance on Pro-Life.

The Virginia fiasco that has only Romney and Paul on the ballot (???).

Erick at RedState examines whether Perry can make a comeback.

NYTimes Nate Silver examines Perry's decision to stay in after Iowa.

More info on Perry's campaign reset and focus in SC.

Several contributors at RedState chime in on the current campaign landscape:

* from Paula

* an open letter to Perry from Dafyd

And a whole bunch of the contributors for RedState present a most thorough case for Rick Perry. This is a must-read!

It seems as though Ace of Spades, Erick and crew at RedState, and the readers of HotAir all want Perry. So do I.

Rick Perry, himself, posted on RedState three days ago. Go read "The Choice".

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