Thursday, March 22, 2012

GOP Primary Round-Up: Part 1 - Romney


Erick at RedState is pretty much resigned to the fact that Romney's will be the Republican nominee. The delegate math certainly is in his favor after Illinois (although Louisiana this Saturday is trending big for Santorum). It's possible that there could end up being a brokered convention. Stranger things have occurred (remember the 2000 main election fiasco???).

Below are a few links to Romney-related stuff. The next post will focus on ObamaCare (and RomneyCare). The third post will be Santorum-related info.


Leon at RedState asked in early February, "What is wrong with Romney?"

Romney says that Obama has "fought against religion".

Michael Medved "wants a different conservative base" (says Erick at RedState).

Gateway Pundit says Romney will have a hard time exciting people to vote for him versus Obama come November.

Romney complained that Santorum was trying to get Democrat voters to vote for him in the Michigan primary (which was open) to influence the race. Yet, Romney did the same thing. And the whole Reagan coalition in the 80s included what has always been termed "Reagan Democrats". BTW, Romney won that state, where he grew up and where his dad was a successful governor, by only 3%. And he won Ohio by only 1%. Both states he had to out-spend Santorum by 6-to-1.

The possible Ron Paul/Mitt Romney alliance. A study proved that in over 20 debates, Ron Paul attacked his rivals 39 times... except for Romney, whom he attacked a grand total of ZERO times.


"I think it was clear from the context of his remarks that Santorum was not expressing his own thinking, but expressing the thinking of general election voters. And I think he is absolutely right, which is also why I think Romney makes such a bad nominee...

"Right now Mitt Romney has higher negatives with independent voters than Hillary Clinton did in 2008. Add in the Etch-A-Sketch comment and he is ripe to be painted as the next iteration of the Massachusetts flip-flopper no one can trust.

"I think Santorum was spot on in describing how voters would see the race in November. Why would they want to give up a guy many of them like, but who don’t much care of his job performance, for a guy they don’t like whose own campaign admits is like an Etch-A-Sketch."

And Romney rules out Santorum as a running mate. Says he (Santorum) is "too liberal".

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