Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Nearing The End?...

Fascinating that even this late in the primary season the Not-Romney vote total wins in the Midwest/Rustbelt states (WI yesterday, MI, IL, and OH previously). These losses, especially yesterday's in Wisconsin, hurt Santorum's chances. It may be almost over.

The good thing, though, is that states favorable to Santorum which have yet to vote are:

Pennsylvania (4/24 - but if he loses this one it's all over, and expect Romney to try for the knockout punch here because NY, DE, CT & RI also vote that same day).

North Carolina, Indiana & West Virginia (5/8)

Arkansas & Kentucky (5/22)

Texas (5/29)

South Dakota (6/5)

California, New Mexico & New Jersey also vote on 6/5.

Nebraska & Montana are after that, with Utah ending it all.

Look at this map which shows all the counties who've voted up to this point:

All that Green in the middle (the vast South, Midwest, and Rustbelt regions) is Santorum.

The Purple (mainly in Georgia, South Carolina and the Florida panhandle) is Gingrich.

Yellow is Ron Paul (predictable tiny areas of Maine & New Hampshire, northern Idaho and parts of Wyoming, Washington state, Las Vegas area of Nevada, the Iowa caucus, and anti-Romney votes in Virginia).

Only the Orange is Romney (note that Virginia was an election with only Romney and Ron Paul on the ballot, and Ron Paul got 40% of the vote... 40%!!!... for Ron Friggin' Paul).

I wouldn't mind at all that this go to the convention with the likes of Santorum, Perry, Jindal, etc. winning the nomination by getting the majority of the delegate votes. Remember, these delegates at the convention tend to be more conservative.

April 24 is the big day. If Rick loses PA, it's over. If he wins his home state, then he stays in the race and May can end up helping him to further slow down "Mr. Inevitable".

We all now thumb-twiddle for three weeks..............

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