Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3…2…1… None for 2016???

Former VP nominee Paul Ryan may or may not have been involved in the purge of conservative members in the House committees (Boehner and McCarty have their hands dirty, Cantor and Ryan might also be involved).

LA Gov. Jindal says that prescription contraceptives should be made available over-the-counter.

Now pretty-boy Sen. Rubio (already a bit squishy on illegal immigration) decides to take advantage of the CT tragedy to find ways to limit our 2nd Amendment rights.

…and then there were none…

If it wasn't so pathetically tragic, it'd be laughable.



Emmet Ray said...

How about Christie?

Trubador said...

I never took him seriously. Unless you want another Romney/McCain/Dole/Bush Jr/Bush Sr/Ford/Nixon. Sorry. You need all three legs of the stool to make it sturdy: fiscal conservative (low taxes with major real reductions in spending, non-oppressive regulations), social conservative (pro-life, pro-family), foreign policy conservative (strong, effective yet efficient military, pro-2nd amendment).

Without these three, sturdy legs, the stool/table cannot stand.

Emmet Ray said...

That was from Emmet Ray aka Billy Shears aka Jerry Foune! Merry Christmas Trubador!!