Wednesday, November 13, 2013

THE FREEDOM PLAN by John Perry (how to fix the health care crisis)...

President Obama wasn't really apologizing to Americans about the disaster that's ObamaCare.

He and his administration lied repeated about Americans being able to keep their plans and their doctors.

Millions are facing losing their insurance and/or their jobs.

The tidal waves of high premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and federal taxes & fines will make this nightmare even scarier.

The website is a broken, bureaucratic mess with serious security issues.

And further implementation of his plan will bankrupt the nation, possibly irreparably.

We most definitely need to REPEAL ObamaCare. That is obvious. My wife (who voted for Obama in 2008) has faced the reality personally, losing her employer-provided insurance at the end of the year. The cheapest replacement coverage through the exchange will double everything (co-pays, out-of-pocket premiums, and deductibles). She now wants ObamaCare repealed after years of thinking it was a great idea.

But after it's repealed (and it MUST be repealed), how do we FIX the mess?

My cousin, Jack, is an orthopedic surgeon who has recently published a comprehensive book on the nature of the state of the health care industry, explains how we as a nation got into this mess to begin with, and has proposed a plan on how to fix it.

His book -– "The Freedom Plan: An American Answer to Health Care Reform" by John F. Perry M.D. -– is available in both kindle form as well as paperback (the paperback is more recently published - June 2013 - and includes graphs and charts that are not included in the e-book version).

From the book description:
"A board-certified orthopedic surgeon takes on America's health care crisis. Using a "sports medicine" approach he identifies our problem and then methodically and relentlessly establishes the cause of that problem. Only then does he construct a targeted, specific and effective treatment to not only restore America's health care system, but to make it the best that it can be. Finally, there is a look at competing visions for the future or America; one if we continue on the path we have taken till now and another if the Freedom Plan is adopted. The Freedom Plan is not only a "Declaration of Independence" for patients and health care providers; it is nothing less than a blueprint for an unprecedented age of prosperity for all Americans."

As my cousin stated in a personal email to me recently:

“This is not about Democrat vs. Republican, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative. It's about liberty vs. compulsion, efficiency vs. inefficiency, excellence vs. mediocrity, unnecessary financial hardship for most Americans vs. opportunity and prosperity. Mostly, it's about loving your neighbor. The Freedom Plan is the only comprehensive, integrated, compassionate and workable alternative to the way we as a nation have been treating health care for over 50 years.”

I strongly urge everyone to read his book. I think you will like what he has to say, and it will lay out a strong blueprint for the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc., and common sense citizens to hold up as a model/example of how we can fix this horrible mess that we’re found ourselves in as a nation.

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