Friday, June 19, 2015

Uncle Joe and the Indian (2016)...

I've been saying this for over a year now. Hillary is not a fait accompli. The sitting VP is almost always the go-to to get the nomination. I have been predicting that Biden will run, saying that he'll only serve one term. And that he'll state early on in the primary process that Lizzy Warren will be his running mate.
He'll chew up Hillary in the debates saying that she had her chance under her husband's first term to pass HillaryCare, but didn't - and Obama did. And that in she had her chance in '08 to swallow her pride and become the first female VP, and then become the eventual first female prez in '16. But she didn't, lost her chance, and that Lizzy will fulfill that role instead.
Now that doesn't mean that Biden/Warren will win in the MAIN election, but mark my words… they WILL be the (D) primary ticket winners this time next year.

Just a humble prediction on my part. ;-)

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