Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Wannabees...

Rick Perry has always looked good on paper to me, given his tremendous success as governor of Texas. But he’s his own worst enemy. From the Gardasil fiasco, to “you don’t have a heart” comments about illegal immigration and in-state tuition, to forgetting which federal departments he wants to eliminate, to supporting Dewhurst over Cruz, to getting Haley Barbour’s team of anti-conservative thugs to run his campaign, to trash-talking Trump (ignoring Reagan’s 11th commandment), then challenging Trump to a pull-up contest (what is he, twelve?).
Trump will fade in due time because he’s a self-promoting carnival barker without the temperament nor the political knowledge necessary, has held leftward positions on key issues for many years up until just a couple months ago, plus the fact that he’s contributed to the likes of Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and would be the epitome of crony capitalism.
No thank you to either of them.
Cruz/Jindal 2016 please.

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