Saturday, September 30, 2006

An evening at the Key Club in West Hollywood...

My nephew, Vinny, was performing at the Key Club in West Hollywood last night, and it's been quite a while since I've done the night clubbing scene. Looking around at the age group present, needless to say I felt a bit old (ahhh, the memories, though). Vinny was playing bass for Peter DiStefano (formerly of the 90s rock band "Porno For Pyros"). Pete was on guitar and vocals, and Carl DiStefano was on drums. A power-trio for sure! They got bumped up to start their set early (I was glad I got there in time), and then the club cut their set short (they were the last opening act for some local wannabee rock band having a CD release party). The headline act was boring; sounding like every other wannabee rock band out there right now. But Vinny was rockin' the stage during Pete's entire short set.

Way to go, Vinny!!!

P.S. You know you're gettin' old when one beer and a couple hours of ear-splittin' rock-n-roll gives you a hangover the following morning (ugh!)

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