Wednesday, November 08, 2006


John Hawkins (of RWN) sums it up perfectly here at Human Events.

John goes into detail about each of the following key issues:
* Bush's Approval Rating
* Harriet Miers
* If Bush Won't Defend Himself, Then Who Will
* Illegal Immigration
* Gas Prices
* National Security Slippage
* Out-Of-Control Spending
* Republicans Behaving Badly

Then he sums up:
The bad news is that... the American people rejected the Republican Party. The good news is that they didn't do that because they rejected conservative principles, they rejected the Republican Party, for the most part, for not living up to those principles. That is a problem that can be corrected, especially since the voters don't like the Democratic Party very much either.

Read the whole thing.

I’m just disappointed that Rick Santorum (a great conservative and a great Catholic) got caught in the riptide. Part of it was political payback for his dis’ing Pat Toomey in the ‘04 Republican Primary challenge against incumbent R Sen. Arlen Spector. Part of it is that Casey “Empty Suit” Jr. has a famous family name (his dad was former governor of PA) and claims to be one of those extinct pro-life Demo-birds. I don’t buy it, given that Casey is now beholden to the hardcore left wing of the Democratic Party (with John Kerry having given him over half a million dollars to his campaign).

It’s now going to be that much tougher to get another Roberts/Alito/Scalia/Thomas/Rehnquist onto the U.S. Supreme Court once Stevens and Ginsberg retire (both possibly very soon).

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