Saturday, May 05, 2007

Local Art & Artists ~ Part 4 (Beirne, Zwers, Peterson and Kirk)

No, they are not a law firm. They are four artists listing among many at the "Focus on the Masters" web site.

Catherine Beirne works with various mediums, but the first item featured below (entitled "The Emperor") is oil on Canvas.

Gerald Zwers is both a painter and a sculptor. His watercolors focus on local landscapes, such as the untitled piece shown below. So far, very little of his work is listed on the web.

The third artist is Linda F. Peterson. A very engaging woman whom I had the chance to meet in person last weekend. She's a photographer, and some of her featured works are manually-manipulated prints. The item listed below (entitled "Coffee Shop") is the finished product of an intricate process. She starts with a Polaroid photo and lets it fully develop, cool and set for a few days. She then places it on a heating pad, and begins to minutely manipulate the emulsion of the photograph with various stylus'. She then lets it set & cool, then scans it and makes limited edition high-quality prints of the finished product.

Norman Kirk has been around for a long time, and is in a class all by himself. He tends to work mostly (though not exclusively) with watercolors. Last Saturday, I viewed one portrait of his entitled "Mission Padre" that was absolutely breathtaking. I'm only able to find a very small sample of his work online (none of which does him justice). The last item, below, is entitled "Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery".

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