Thursday, September 04, 2008

Category 6 Storm Makes Landfall, Wreaks Havoc...

Hurricane Sarah caught the mainstream media and the rabid left wing all flatfooted as what they thought would be just a brief summer shower turned out to be a major broadside to their political establishment. Tropical Storm Rudy cleared the way for Hurricane Sarah - a rare Cat 6 storm of epic proportions - to just rip to shreds the Democratic strongholds, leaving nothing but liberal wreckage in her wake.

She made landfall last Friday morning in Ohio, and moved her way through Pennsylvania and Missouri. The media was convinced that she would soon fizzle out, but instead she just built up steam and charged her way into Minnesota leaving everyone stunned. It's looking like Hurricane Sarah will be roaring through all the states for the next two months, at least, without losing strength.

Storm warning officials are urging that, in their own best interests, all left wing pundits and liberal pontificators are best to run for cover before they get caught up in the eye of this fresh and growing mother of a storm.


UPDATE: Great, great line from John Hawkins over @ RWN:

"Palin tried to do 3 things with the speech: build up her own resume, push John McCain, and hammer the hell out of Obama. To say she hit a home run at those three tasks is an understatement. Palin delivered a called shot, with the bases loaded, that went out of the park, across the street, crashed through the window of the Obama campaign headquarters, and rolled right up to the empty suit running the operation."

UPDATE #2A: Palin drew an astounding 37.2 million TV viewers last night! Just shy of the record 38 million that The Obamessiah drew for his acceptance speech last week. Her speech was broadcast on only 6 networks, while The Obamessiah's was shown on 10. Yet, Palin outdrew The One with Hispanics, despite the fact that Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo did not broadcast her speech.

UPDATE #2B: It appears that those ratings do not include PBS nor CSPAN totals. The PBS rating for Palin was an additional 3.9 (Obama had a 4.0). No word on the CSPAN numbers and cable/satellite TV's dedicated DNC & RNC channels. That means that Sarah Palin had more than 41 million viewers Wednesday night!

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Things have also gotten worse for Obama now that he's unveiled his tax plan. You can go to my site for details