Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Such Reveries - Duncan Sheik in Concert...

Last Thursday night I went to go see Duncan Sheik at the EchoPlex in the Echo Park section of L.A. It was general admission, and I had already purchased tickets... for the Vista Theater in Los Feliz (they changed the venue on everyone a week before the concert). Found the new venue (tucked in an alley), and arrived just as the opening act (Duncan's band mates performing their own material) started playing, and was lucky enough to get seats just five rows from the stage!

The seats, though, were the most uncomfortable folding chairs we've ever sat in. But the music was incredible, with Duncan coming on stage at 8:30 playing some of his solo material, then performing a selection of songs from his Tony Award winning stage play "Spring Awakening". Next, he performed a large selection of new material from his new CD "Whisper House" (from a new play that he is writing songs for), before ending with more of his solo material.

Moody, soulful, singer/songwriter style music with a large band backing him up 
(including cello, oboe, french horn and grand piano, and backing vocals). Good stuff! Duncan even thanked the audience for "participating in the 'Easter Egg Venue Hunt'." (Hah!)  Check out the pix, below:

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David Stock said...

Great photos,great lighting. Duncan Sheik is one of the best songwriters and performers in the world.