Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prayers Request...

Popping back in here for a brief moment to request some prayers.

First, my girlfriend Cindy has come down with a kidney infection shortly after returning from our mid-week camping trip. This is not the first time she's had to deal with this issue.

Second, my brother-in-law Bernie has been unemployed for several months and is in need of a job ASAP.

Third, my friend Manny from my mens bible study group just had aggressive surgery this week to battle cancer. He had his colon, part of his intestines, and some lymph-nodes removed.

Also, another bible study member (Bob S.) has been in poor health recently. He's in his early 90s.

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


Dim Bulb said...


I'm told that drinking pure cranberry juice will speed up getting rid of a kidney infection, and that drinking it a few times a week helps prevent it. My dad had problems with this for many years.

West Coast Catholic said...

They're in my prayers...I'll fast for them on Friday.
WCC +<><

TheBitterAmerican said...

Same here. Sounds like my life now,....but that's another story.