Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pump Prices Not Matching Oil Prices Again...

So, if in July of '08 crude oil prices peaked at $147/barrel, and the average price of gas in my area peaked @ $4.65 at that time, then WHY when oil prices closed at less than half that peak on Friday ($70.93) the average price of gas in my area is up to $3.07/gallon???


71/147 = 0.483

So, 48.3% of $4.65 = $2.25

That's $2.25 per gallon... NOT $3.07.

We are getting gouged again!!!

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West Coast Catholic said...

good to hear from you again...welcome back.

I'm feeling the pump pinch big time.

My 100 mile a day communte is taking it's toll. Gas has now risen to the number 2 spot on my monthly budget list right behind Food.

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