Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday's Round-up: Part II...

(via Gateway)

The Obama Administration raided a Gibson Guitars plants in Tennessee! Because of wood from India.

And Captain Ed over at Hot Air has a take on it.

Meanwhile, we have a nasty beetle in larva form that arrived in a 10-lb bag of rice from - of all places - INDIA.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg bars any clergy from taking part in the 9/11 ceremonies. WTF?!? Yet, he's supporting the mosque being built at Ground Zero. Again, WTF?!?

The Republican debate on Sept 7 at the Reagan Library has been set. This last sentence is interesting:

Giller said the eight candidates are the final lineup unless someone else declares his or her candidacy and meets the debate's criteria.

And guess who's making a major announcement in Iowa on Sept 3?

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