Thursday, August 18, 2011

ObamaCare Debacle...

AARP has gotten an ObamaCare waiver.

As of July 14, the total number of individual companies, organizations, unions, etc. (even the state of Maine!), reached 1471. And that's just the numbers up to the end of June.

Obama-appointed Supreme Court Justice Kagan (and the White House) lied about her role in ObamaCare litigations. So, I hope this means that she will have to recuse herself when all those lawsuits reach the desks of the "9 in Black".

HotAir has this post of the coming cost explosion due to ObamaCare.

Obama concedes that ObamaCare won't control costs (surprise, surprise).

And a Federal Appeals Court ruled 2-1 that the individual mandates are unconstitutional.

UPDATE: On the 1472 waivers (that will last three years).

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