Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate #1 --- The Big Kerry Flip-Flop

I thought President Bush started off slow, but finished strong. Meanwhile, I thought Kerry started off strong, but ended weakly. Kerry got caught in a huge discrepancy in his so-called "plan" (which he never explained or detailed, despite repeated promptings by the moderator) to fight the war on terror. It's a MAJOR FLIP-FLOP that so far no one has caught or mentioned. And it gets to the core of the problem with his shifting positions on the GWOT.

Kerry repeatedly tried to make the case that Bush brought the USA into Iraq virtually by ourselves, and we should have had a more broad approach with a larger coalition of nations (disrespecting 30+ nations contributing money, troops, aid, resources and intelligence... but that's beside the point).

But, when he talked about North Korea, he then criticized Bush for taking that same multilateral approach - instead opted for a "better plan" in which the US should go it alone in dealing with North Korea (a country which already has nukes, no thanks to the failed policies of the Clinton administration).

Well, which is it Mr. Kerry???

Do we go it alone, or do we bow down to the United Nations???
Make up your frelling mind!!!

The other thing that I found so amazing is that Kerry stated the Iraq war was "a mistake" ... and then a few moments later he stated that it was "not a mistake."


And for those of you keeping score:

# of times Kerry mentioned his Vietnam service - 4
# of times Kerry mentioned JFK - 2
# of times Kerry mentioned Halliburton - 1

UPDATE: Captain Ed caught the Iraq/North Korea discrepancy I mentioned above!

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