Friday, September 24, 2004

Let's count the flip-flops, shall we...

RWN has a nice compilation of Kerry flip-flops:


"Those who doubted whether Iraq or the world would be better off without Saddam Hussein and those who believe today that we are not safer with his capture don't have the judgment to be president or the credibility to be elected president." -- John Kerry 12/20/03


"...(T)he satisfaction we take in (Saddam's) downfall does not hide this fact: We have traded a dictator for a chaos that has left America less secure." -- John Kerry, 9/20/04

And it just goes on from there.

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Jeff said...

It amazes me how so many people look for the slightest "read-into" comments as major flip-flops. Bud, there's no bigger flip-flopper in politics than George W. If you don'r belive me, then look at No More There you will find more than 20 KEY flip flops that this president has made.