Saturday, September 04, 2004

Massachusettes Democratic Party trades in city's security for political advantage

Yep... you heard that right. We all know that Chicago has been notorious for Democratic Party corruption and strong-arm tactics for many years. The state of New Jersey, as well. My old home town of Philadlephia is another city. Well, add Massachusettes (from the Boston Herald via Capt. Ed and Betsy):

The state troopers' union is seriously considering an endorsement of President Bush, a vote that would be an embarrassment for Sen. John F. Kerry and a risky move for the union, according to government and law enforcement sources.

It goes on:

If the endorsement materializes, there likely would be a political backlash among Democratic legislators, who have voiced distaste for the prospect of a Bush endorsement in the wake of their support for state police spending priorities, according to legislative and law enforcement sources.

"It is like physics," said one high-ranking State House Democrat. "For every action, there is a reaction."

As Capt. Ed then questions:

Really? Why would the union's political endorsement change the legislature's assessment of law-enforcement and homeland security needs?


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