Saturday, October 07, 2006

A more comprehensive reading list on the B16 kerfluffle at Regensburg...

First... read the entire speech by Pope Benedict XVI on September 12 at Regensburg University to get it in its proper context.

Next thing to read are excellent commentaries at First Things by Robert Louis Wilken, then by Ryan T. Anderson, and two by FR. Richard John Neuhaus (here and here).

Then read this great commentary by Fr. Joseph Fessio (Provost of Ave Maria University and founder of Ignatius Press - which publishes all of Pope Benedict's books in English). And follow it up with another great commentary by Sandro Magister in Rome.

Then read this follow-up speech by Pope Benedict upon meeting the Muslim leaders on September 25.

Next is a brief history lesson on the crusades here (by Jimmy Akin) and here (by Thomas Madden). Plus further information about Islam and violence here.

And, finally, there is this intriguing summation about the intercession of the Virgin Mary here.

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