Monday, March 12, 2007


First off... I thought my alma mater (Villanova) was more deserving of a #7 seed. But, they can handle it, where they're at (first round against Kentucky - a different group of "Wildcats" - who were weak this season). There's a potential second round match-up against Kansas (but, remember, that Villanova beat Texas earlier this season).

I can't believe that the NCAA committee screwed up so much this year. How the frell can they exclude Syracuse, West Virginia, and Kansas State, while at the same time seeding the likes of Arkansas, Purdue, Indiana, Georgia Tech, Arizona, Stanford???

Add some more at-large seeds from the mid-majors, instead, if you're gonna keep out the 'Cuse (but the big conferences won't go for that, even though it was the mid-majors that made last year's first four rounds so friggin' exciting). Where's Drexel, Hofstra, Air Force, Missouri State, Marist, Vermont, Appalachian State, Akron???

I haven't filled out my brackets yet, but on first glance they made easy roads for Florida and G'Town for the first two rounds, while NC is stuck with the winner of the Marquette/Mich State matchup in the 2nd round, then they will most likely face Texas next, then the Hoyas to get to the Final Four. That's INSANE!

I think Texas A&M is my South Region Cinderella story. But that remains to be seen. Must bury my head in the voluminous stack of stats so that I can fill out my brackets.