Sunday, August 05, 2007

REO Speedwagon - a 70s/80s flashback...

Last night I went to the Ventura County Fair where REO Speedwagon performed a rockin' cool 90-minute outdoor concert. They played a few new tunes from their brand new CD, but of course they also performed most of their big hits - Ridin' the Storm Out, Time For Me to Fly, Take It On the Run, Tough Guys, Don't Let Him Go, Keep Pushin', Keep On Lovin' You and Roll With the Changes.

They didn't do one of my favorite tunes of theirs - I Wish You Were There - but it was still a great concert for the money (only $8.00 to get into the fairgrounds)!!!

Tonight Ill be catchin' Al Stewart for an outdoor acoustic & storytelling concert in Topanga Canyon.

Thursday night back at the County Fair to see The Bangles with The Motels.

Then it's Crowded House (one of my all-time favorite bands) on the 26th.

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