Tuesday, June 10, 2008

R.I.P. Tacoma...

'Tis truly a sad day. My friend and colleague, Todd, had to put down his ailing 16-year old cat, Tacoma, today. Todd, as you may recall, is the writer and director of the hilarious mockumentary, "An Inconvenient Penguin" which was previewed in Hollywood last month. Tacoma was a very talented feline and was the inspiration behind Todd's film career; he even appeared in the starring role in Todd's first official short film. After many months of poor health, it was now time to send Tacoma to that Great Scratching Post in the sky, where catnip is plenty and dogs are few.

So, in honor of the fine feline and his memory. I give you this link for you to view Tacoma in his debut and starring role in the short film, "The Silent Partner".

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