Monday, December 22, 2008

Digital Downloads and the Music Industry...

This'll turn the digital download and DIY portion of the music industry on it's head... again.  From the UK Telegraph (via HotAir... I think... can't seem to find the original link):

More than 10 million of the 13 million music tracks available on the internet failed to sell a single copy last year, a study has found.

It showed that for the online singles market 80 per cent of all revenue came from around 52,000 tracks.

Of the 1.23 million albums available, only 173,000 were bought, meaning 85 per cent did not sell at all.

The study, by Will Page, chief economist of the MCPS-PRS Alliance, a not-for-profit royalty collection society, challenges the idea that niche markets were the key to the future for internet sellers...

[Mr. Page] continued: "There is an eerie similarity between a digital and high-street retailer in terms of what constitutes an efficient inventory and the shape of their respective demand shape of their respective demand curves. I think there's something more going on there: a case of new schools meets old rules."

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