Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My 2009 March Madness Brackets...

Okay, I finally got my brackets filled out... This was tougher than I thought.

First Round: I have seven “lower’ seeds advancing:
#9 Siena
#9 Tennessee
#10 Maryland
#10 Minnesota
#12 Arizona
#12 Western Kentucky
#13 Mississippi State

My Sweet 16 are:
Midwest – Louisville, Wake, Kansas, Michigan St.
West – UConn, Purdue, Missouri, Memphis
East – Pitt, Xavier, Duke, Villanova
South – NC, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Oklahoma (but I’m rooting for Clemson)

Elite 8:
Wake (upsetting Louisville)
Mich. St. (beating defending champs Kansas)
UConn (squeaking by Purdue)
Memphis (squeaking by Missouri)
Pitt (knocks out Xavier)
Villanova (over a weak Duke)
NC (over the Zags)
Syracuse (a last victory over Oklahoma)

Final Four:
Memphis (UConn w/o their key guard finally does ‘em in)
NC (Syracuse finally runs out of gas)
Villanova (they have Pitt’s number)
Wake vs. Mich St. (a toss-up, but it doesn’t matter because...)

Championship Game:
Memphis vs........ (heart says Wildcats, head says Tar Heels)

Memphis loses... again... in the championship game.

So... the 2009 Champs will be North Carolina (but I'm reeeeealllllly rooting for my Wildcats to get there).

That's my bracket and I'm stickin' to it!

*caveat... if Louisville manages to get out of the Midwest Bracket unscathed, all bets are off!!!

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