Sunday, March 01, 2009

Santelli, Jindal, Rush & Pence (sounds like a law firm)...

Via Flopping Aces, Rick Santelli on CNBC goes off!  This spread like wildfire when this aired last week.  It is well worth watching.

Another video is a clip of a comedian who went gangbusters on the Conan O'Brien show last week - another vid that caught fire.  Watch and learn.

Gateway Pundit posts the text of Gov. Bobby Jindal's rebuttal to The Obominations non-State of the Union address last Tuesday night.  Many (including way too many on this side of the political aisle) bitched and moaned about Jindal's delivery of the message.  Rush goes off on those who quickly and irrationally criticized.  Jindal had a follow-up interview the following morning in which he was on fire and on point.  Meanwhile, Michael Gerson looks deeper into the "Jindal Phenomenon."

HotAir posts the full Rush Limbaugh address to CPAC this weekend which rocked the house (a 9-part video set).  Ace also posts Congressman Mike Pence's address as well.