Sunday, March 01, 2009

Obameconomics 101...

Ace has a post on what economic model NOT to follow (Japan of the 80s = Obameconomics).

The Anchoress posts another economic theory (Obameconomics = Carter 2.0).  David Warren via Real Clear Politics also looks at this theory.

She also posts a video of Reagan & Obama "in their own words." looks deeper into the numbers and finds that only 4 of the 50 states are causing the housing mess - California (surprise surprise... as a 14+ year resident of this state, I've known and followed this trend for years), Florida, Arizona and Nevada.

These four states alone combine for 55% of all U.S. housing foreclosures, and 87% of all housing value declines.  California alone accounts for 66% of all housing value declines nationwide.  The Golden State also accounts for 34% of all foreclosures, even though the state accounts for only 10% of the nation's homes.

Meanwhile, is Peter Schiff running for congress?  Looks like he's being recruited.  Not sure if he'll bite.

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