Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cyber Attacks and The War on Terrorism...

As I mentioned yesterday, there is this "Conflicker" computer worm that has been snaking it's way through millions of computers around the world.  It's set to go off today, although it could be triggered to activate at any time.  Yahoo Tech News has more info here, with another follow-up here.

Yet another cyber threat (apparently based in China - surprise, surprise) is also out there.

Coincidentally, the Taliban issues a threat that an "amazing" attack will occur soon in the U.S. - particularly in Washington D.C.  Analysts say that this threat is very real.

Newt writes about how as few as one to three nukes detonated above the atmosphere could knock out the entire U.S. electrical power grid, and why this could easily occur.

But, don't worry.  The "War on Terror" is over now (says Sec. State Hillary Clinton).

The Obamessiah will protect us all, don't yah know.

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